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Willy Siwela, Paul Pisecny and Anne Bailey are the Proprietors of Koko's Bowling Centre in Dalpark South Africa. The centre is named after their late friend Don Johnson, called Koko by his friends. You can read more about Don in our page dedicated to him, click here to read more about Don Johnson.

Kokos bowling centre is one of the biggest centres in South Africa boasting 16 lanes for bowling, sports bar, Kokos Food Court and if you do not like bowling why not have a game of Squash. Boasting 4 squash courts, we cater for a lot of squash players. Our Sports Bar as a flat screen TV for any sporting event, as well as a pool table.

Willy Siwela


Willy is acomplished bowler averaging 185, he represented Southern Transvaal and Eastern Gauteng for several years.
Willy has been a part of Kokos bowling centre for many a year and loves to be a part of the action when it comes to bowling.

Paul Pisecny


Paul, who is an ex Pro Bowler, is still very actively involved in bowling. Still playing league at the highest level. He is certified by IBPSIA - International Bowling Proshop and Instructor Association He was a national coach of Baharain and South Africa. Received multiple SA National Colours. Won the Bowlers Journal Doubles. Has Multiple Titles

Anne Bailey


Anne won the FIQ World Cup two years running. She won doubles, trios and team gold medals. In ESBS European Championships she won gold medals in singles and doubles. Anne won multiple titles. She is also heavily involved in coaching. Still active on the league and tournament scene.